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NotAtPDC and ICE Edmonton session material

Thanks to those who attended the session that I did on “A (Failed?) Project From the Perspective of a Team Lead”. As you know from being there, the slide deck by itself is not all that useful. Inste

Failure: Establishing Flow

Like my past posts in this series, we’re going to talk about failures and I’ve had this problem at a number of places that I’ve been employed or contracted. I just can’t maintain flow. Developers al

Failure: Interviewing for a position

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes – Oscar Wilde Continuing on my series of posts themed around failure, we’re here to look at an interview that I once did. It resulted in me taki

Hiring internally

In our Brownfield Application Development book, and in previous posts on this blog, Kyle and I have talked about the different personalities that you can encounter while working on a development proje

Apply SRP to your emails….please

I recently got an email that had no fewer than eight significant topics in it. Yes, it was a long email. As a result of this email I was unable to remember and act on all the different topics. Sound

Quick take on Bing

I’ve been playing around with Microsoft’s new, yet to be released, search engine ( for the last couple of days. Miguel Carrasco has done a pretty detailed review of it’s capabilities here.

A little more WCF NHibernate

As part of my recent changes to the WCF-NHibernate code I have, I declared that there wasn’t going to be a way to handle automatic transaction rollbacks when WCF faults were going to be raised. I was

The Possessive Developer

Wrapping up our first pass at Development Project Archetypes we look at a common culprit on brownfield teams. During your first week on the project you’re assigned to have a mentor who has written a l

The 'Oooo...Shiney!' Developer

For the final few posts in the Development Project Archetypes we’ll focus on developers. An incestuous cousin to the Front of the Magazine Architect, this developer is easily distracted by any new tec

The Enhancing Tester/QA

Still avoiding developers, we continue talking about archetypes… Usually found in the confines of an organization that has heavily silo’d roles and responsibilities, the Enhancing Tester will be assig

The Over Protective DBA

Deviating from the developer sphere, we continue the Development Project Archetypes… A good many application require access to a database. If you’re lucky, you’ll have free rein over the database to m

The Hero Developer

Another in the Archetypes series… Everyone loves a hero. The PM, the architects and the client relish the long hours he puts into delivering results. When the client is told we don’t have the budget o

WCF and nHibernate redux

A while back I posted about a small framework that I wrote to make handling of nHibernate Sessions easier in a WCF world. There were a couple of problems with it and I’ve spent some time fixing it re

The "Experienced" Developer

The next post in the Software Development Archetypes series… Every project needs experienced people to improve the odds of succeeding. Skilled developer resources are hard to come by so you’re really

The Skeptic

Another post in the Development Project Archetypes series… Every time that the team attempts to implement a technique, process or technology that will address a project problem and better the team’s a

The Disinterested Developer

Transitioning into the realm of developers, we continue the Development Project Archetypes series… Though you will usually see the Disinterested Developer working diligently whenever you walk by, you

The Ex-Tech Project Manager

Resuming the Development Project Archetypes series… Monday morning and the Ex-Tech PM appears on the edge of the status meeting as an observer to the team’s daily ritual. One by one the developers tel

The Front of the Magazine Architect

The next post in the archetypes series… Once a month, every month, she visits the team and blurts out “We should use/do/implement <insert technology of the month here>.” The monthly rhythm of th

The Process-Heavy PM

Another in the archetypes series… This person is one of the most feared by developers around the world. While the team is working to deliver software, he is asking them to write action reports and det

The Disenfranchised Client

Continuing the series on archetypes… Beaten down by months of missed deadlines, misunderstood requirements and repeated defects, the Disenfranchised Client has lost all faith in the team’s ability to

The Absentee Client

The next instalment in the archetypes series… When the project starts the Absentee Client engages the team just long enough to build up some velocity. As soon as he perceives some progress being made,

Ivory Tower Architect

This is a commonly known archetype in the development world. Since it’s commonly known I figure it’s a great place to start this series of posts. Sporadically swooping into meetings with the rest of

Development Project Archetypes

As part of writing our book, Kyle and I have spent some time coming up with archetypes that exist on many of the software projects that we’ve been on. Our goal is just to describe what we’ve seen so

IIS7 & WCF error

If you’re getting: HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler. If the file should be do

Brownfield Application Development Training Course

Over the last few months people have been asking about training on the fundamental practices that I use when doing software development. In combination with the soon to be pending (honest, it’s al

Is the Iron Triangle Accurate?

The Iron Triangle is a common way to refer to the different aspects of a software development project. In his great article, The “Broken Iron Triangle” Software Development Anti-Pattern, Scott Ambler

Victoria Code Camp wrap-up

As always the Victoria Code Camp was a great success and loads of fun. The biggest disappointment was that the weather back here in Alberta wasn’t worse, thus making Victoria’s temperate days more ap

SRP at Edmug

Last night at Edmug Dave Woods, Jason Hunt, Jonas Avellena, Steven Rockarts and I presented on the different components of Uncle Bob’s S.O.L.I.D principles. My responsibility was the SRP portion. I