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The Duck

Microsoft is working on it’s new mashup technology named Popfly. The current image associated with it is this. As you can see, building mashups will make your bill go green and give you a pink compl

Alt.NET Conference

I’m heading down to Austin over (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend to attend the Alt.NET Conference. The CodeBetter guys have posted a number of ideas for contnent in the last week that have me anxiousl

When is a Defect a Defect?

For the past 9 months I’ve been working on a project that is dominated by a desire to have heavy documentation created prior to development work commencing. As a result of this there is a trend to ha

Forgotten Purpose

Today I got an email from a guy who appears to have become disillusioned with what he sees in our industry. Unfortunately I, and probably a large number of other developers, can relate with his frust

The transformation of an igloo

I finally got some time today to migrate my blog from Community Server to SubText. Part of the transformation also includes the unveiling of my new logo. Stuart at Design Goblin has done a fantastic

Desert Code Camp files

Here is the stuff that I worked with on two of my presentations at DCC.  I’m not going to post anything from my C# 3.0/.Net 3.5 presentation.  If you want to see something from it take a loo

Desert Code Camp Wrap-up

We went, we saw, we sweated.  Desert Code Camp 3 finished up yesterday with another great turnout.  For Tom and I, it was a day of Agile goodness.  We talked on TDD, RhinoMocks and CCNe

Desert Code Camp -- Day 2

Well, it’s actually day 1, but it’s day two in Tempe (tem-PEE) for me.  Here’s the summary. C# 3.0 Beyond Linq:  This was my presentation.  Nothing special here.  Take a look at th

Desert Code Camp -- The Night Before

Tom and I made it into the Phoenix/Tempe (pronounced tem-PEE we’ve been told, not TEMP-eh?) yesterday.  First impressions:  Holy crap it’s hot!  We stepped out of the airport and i

Pre-Desert Code Camp gathering

Tom and I are on the move on Friday as we head down to Phoenix for the Desert Code Camp.  We’ll be arriving in town during the middle of the day on Friday and will definitely be looking for some

Refactoring goodness

Today I spent some time in our code at work (I know…shocking that I was writing code).  One of the things that I found was a group of three files that each contained anywhere from 3 to 20 public

Upcoming Events

My fall schedule is starting to book up and I’m looking to be quite busy.  If you’re interested in becoming a groupie of mine, you can find me at the following places in the next few months. Sep