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EViL Decorating in the Igloo

Update #2:  JP called to tell me that this really isn’t a decorator pattern.  It’s actually the adapter pattern.  Like he said in his training course, identifying patterns in the wild i

My latest continuous integration experience

Last week I spent a lot of time working with people that I’d never worked with before.  Surprisingly, of the eleven people in the class, only about half had worked with any kind of continuous int

A week with JP Boodhoo

Last week I spent five full days under the tutelage of Jean-Paul Boodhoo.  He was offering a course he’s calling Nothin’ But .NET and I was lucky enough to weasel my way into it as one of the 11

ReverseDOS and Community Server error

I got hit by some spammers today and I figured that I’d alter my ReverseDOS.config file so that they wouldn’t get through again.  One of the common things that was in each post was the value [/ur

There's more to Velocity than speed

Tonight I was sitting here thinking about some of the current issues I’m fighting with at work.  One of the most obvious to me is the fact that we have no project velocity.  After thinking a

So, what should I test?

I was talking with Dave Woods today and we slid into this topic.  We’ve all been in a situation where we release a new version of our software to a client’s testing environment and they imme

Looping Code Smell?

I read somewhere in the last few days that someone considered that looping over enumerable lists using a for loop should be considered a code smell.  They went on to say that the preferred way to

Inbred in IT

I was thinking about the reasons that I’m continually getting a feeling of conceptual and practical stagnation when I go in to work.  One can easily say that it’s because people are stuck in

Hi my name is Jack and I'm a...Canadian?

Recently I went through the exercise (quite unsuccessfully I might add) of trying to determine what is my technical expertise.  I’m sure you’re thinking “Well that’s easy, he’s a .NET developer”.

Dictating to the User for Technical Reasons

I have been fighting with a technical situation at one of my clients for the last couple of months.  Because of decisions made, well before my time, about the architecture of the application

ReSharper...crack for developers

I’ve been using ReSharper for about two years now.  As much as I would rather be drawn and quartered than work with the guy who suggested we make it a requirement on that project, I will give him