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Multiple Daily Scrums in Edmonton

I know that there are a number of different teams here in Edmonton using SCRUM to one degree or another.  Starting today things get different here.  Tell me your team could survive this dail

Cruise Control .NET 'Ticks' error

For the first time in a long time today I had a build fail on our automated build machine.  So to start investigating the error I fired up the Cruise Control .NET Dashboard and found this lovely

Edmug Code Generation Presentation

Last night I presented at Edmug on Code Generation using myGeneration.  We covered off a basic Business/Domain object creation script and then added some inheritance, interfaces and code retentio

Finally, a post from Live Writer

After some trials and tribulations I have managed to get a post written from Windows Live Writer.  Kudos to the MS folks who have worked on this because, for a beta product, the install/uninstall

Separation of Generated Code from Custom Code

I’ve been working with myGeneration quite a bit lately as I prepare for my presentation at Edmug on the 24th of August. As part of the research I’ve been doing while creating the presentation materia

September 7th Edmug/DNIC extravaganza!

On Thursday, September 7th Edmug and MSDN Canada will be holding an evening of fun, laughter and Atlas with John ‘The Pimp‘ Bristowe. Registration for the event is required and can be done here. S

Summer Meals

Anyone who knows me well understands that I have a passion for both eating and cooking food. Yesterday I made up a great summer dinner that I thought I’d share it here. Corn on the Cob:  I

New Microsoft Canada Developer Evangelist

For all you folks that attended Jean-Luc David‘s presentation on Atlas at Edmug in June, join me in congratulating JLD on his recent appointment to Microsoft Canada as it’s newest Developer Evangelist

Environmental Repeatability

Right now at work I’m fighting with a situation where I have to rebuild a testing environment consisting of 6 servers, a complete Active Directory installation (one of the servers is a domain controll

Edmonton Code Camp Registration

All right folks. You’ve heard the rumours. You’ve seen the East Block and Sesame Street versions of the posters (and the mockings from people who feel left out). People are massing in the streets i

Beating Comment Spammers

A couple of weeks ago I started getting a number of comments per day as spam. For some reason Community Server wasn’t trapping them as spam so I was manually deleting every one of them. Thankfully t

Alt-Tab replacement

I’ve been looking for an Alt-Tab replacement for some time. There are a number of them out there, but I’ve never heard multiple people give glowing recommendations to one item. Between that and the

Requirements from a Code Generation tool

So it’s 5am on a Friday morning and I’ve been unable to sleep, so rather than lying in bed and thinking about code generation I figured I should get up and write about it. I know what your thinking,

Code Generation with myGeneration

I’ve been working quite a bit in the last week with some code generation tools as I prepare to do a presentation for Edmug. I think that I’ve finally settled on using myGeneration for the presentatio

The hair is the man

You don’t have to truly know Justice to understand that the title of this post is not some kind of fantasy statement. The amazing thing is that the picture of Justice (see below) for Edmonton Code Ca