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DevTeach 2007 Vancouver

It’s coming up fast folks. For all you Canadians out there, be prepared to book your flights (or change them if they’re already booked) on Sunday the 25th so that you can catch the 2:30pm PST start o

The Alt.NET Retrospective for me

The completion of the Alt.NET conference in Austin has created a plethora of conversation on blogs and in the altnetconf Yahoo Group. Some have been critical of the purpose and intent going into, dur

Alt.NET Wrapup

Thanks to the folks that setup the Alt.NET Conference. This is the start of something good. Like many said, it will be hard to proceed for a while, but we will influence change for the better both d

Alt.NET Day 3, Session 1 -- Getting the message out

This was a brilliant discussion about what we in the Alt.NET community need to do to propogate our message. The great part was that we had people from the Patterns & Practices group, MSDN Magazin

Alt.NET Day 2, Session 4 -- DDD

Interesting conversation on the optimal location for behaviour related to the domain. The discussion was around whether a Transfer of Funds from one Account to another Account should exist in a Domai

Alt.NET Day 2, Session 3 -- MS MVC Preview

Scott Guthrie is showing the yet to be released MVC implementation that will be coming out of Microsoft for preview in the next few weeks, and RTM sometime in Spring 2008. It’s pretty exciting to see

Alt.NET Day 2, Session 2 -- BDD

The BDD discussion was fantastic. It was primarily driven by a need for people to understand where it fits into the development process. One of the primary questions was where does it fall in the li

Alt.NET Day 2, Session 1 -- Bringing the passion

The morning came far to early today, but once I hit the first session I started to get pretty stoked and energized. We had a very passionate and, at times, heated debate about how to get more passion

Alt.NET Day 1

Unlike most people I showed up fashionably late to the show. I managed to squeek in 2 double Jose Cuervos with the nerd herd before retiring to the front lobby to discuss geeky topics. We indulged o

Edmonton Code Camp 07

If you’re looking for an exciting, action packed and woman filled way to spend Saturday the 20th of October, look no further than the Edmonton Code Camp. Drop by the U of A and see your favourite spe

Developer Inhibitions

I knew that Windows ME was built on whiskey (probably corn mash too) instead of good single malt scotch. I find this cartoon to be true when it comes to developers participating in usability sessions