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Retrospective 2007

Early this year I posted on some of the things that I wanted to concentrate on during 2007. Like any good iteration, I feel the need to wrap it up with a retrospective. Here are the things that I wa

I now return to the sweet sound of static

While we were down in Austin at the Alt.NET Open Spaces conference people suggested the use of a newsgroup to maintain conversations that we had started. Running on a euphoric high from the session o

What is Brownfield?

This was originally posted at I’ll be out in Victoria on January 26th 2008 speaking on Parachuting Into Brownfield Applications and on C# 3.0 Beyond Linq. A common term


A few months ago some of the members of Edmug made noises that they wanted to work on a project that allowed them to give back to the community (a greater community than just the developer one we know

Opening VS2k5 .Net 2.0 projects in VS2k8

I’m starting a new gig right now and one of the sweet things about it is that I’m going to be working in .NET 3.5 straight off the bat. Hopefully I’ll have some more time to blog about things to do w

DevTeach Wrapup

Long after the end of DevTeach Vancouver 07 I am wrapping it up. Like Kyle, I have a sense of obligation to do this post. That’s not to say that DevTeach wasn’t fantastic, but I feel I must report o