archive: 2005/8

C# and Visual Basic

Unlike the many million posts, comments and mindless shouting matchespreceeding this date, I will not delve into a discussion that one isbetter than the other.  Instead I’d like to talk about a s

Queuing up to locate the Queue

Yesterday I attended a meeting that was to determine where in thecorporate environment we were going to locate our MSMQ.  This wasthe first time that I’d been involved in this type of conversatio

MSMQ Trigger Invocation Parameters

Today I figured out why I was successful at failing yesterday. Actually, all I figured out was why I was failing.  Why I wassucceeding at it still eludes me.  The configuration that I w


I got to hear a great statement from a co-worker a few days back. He was telling a story about a friend, named Bob, who had changed hisname.  The reason?  “Every Tom, Dick and Harry is

Successfully Failed

Today I was back at building the structure and logic code for the MSMQmessage sending, COM component that the MSMQ Trigger fires and the webservice that the COM component calls.  It was pretty ea

One order of MSMQ, a glass of .NET and a side of COM

I haven’t been posting much about the technical aspects of the workthat I’ve been doing.  The primary reason is that all I’ve beenworking on is data modelling and writing the data layer for theap


I really haven’t posted all that much recently.  Mostly its due tothe fact that I’ve been stressed at work and probably wouldn’t haveposted anything constructive. The short of the past weeks is t

The grocery store

Today I had a nice long wait in the grocery store to buy my 7items.  While waiting for hte 10 people in front of me (expresslane my ass) I began to wonder what I could figure out about the people

Home sweet home

Welcome to the new block of ice.  As you can see, the style of thesite doesn’t really speak to an igloo, but rather the home of RonaldMcDonald.  Over the next little while I’m going to get t