The grocery store

Today I had a nice long wait in the grocery store to buy my 7
items.  While waiting for hte 10 people in front of me (express
lane my ass) I began to wonder what I could figure out about the people
around me by looking at the contents of their baskets.

The lady in front of me – blue berries, yoghurt, peaches (amongst
other things)  Combine that with her hippy style clothing and
bicycle I would say it’s not a stretch to say she’s a tree hugger at
present or was one in the past.  Possibly all it amounts to is a
healthy person who can’t be bothered paying 103.9 /L for gas. 
I’ll stick with the first though.

The lady behind me – Depends….I think I’ll skip this analysis

Me – Deli sliced pastrami, taco sauce, lemon and chicken thighs. 
Well, all I am is a guy with bad breath and puckerd lips who likes dark
meat.  Take that for what it’s worth.

Guy in front of me two weeks ago – Medium sized english cucumber and a
box of 12 Trojans.  Hmmmmm.  I would venture that he
is…..ah hell, I can’t bring myselft to make an analysis on that one.