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A geek you say?

Let me tell you how surprised I was to hit the CBC website this morning and see that a Canadian had won the Miss Universe competition. I’ll also say that I just about collapsed when I saw that she wa

In the beginning.....

Back in the day (1999), this was the hardware setup used to run all of Google. The scary thing for me is that this is what the server setup at one of my former employers’ looked like. And that was s

Friday Night Excitement

This certainly proves that I am not the only one that has had the occasion to bask in the glory of geekdom. I do wonder what the hardware that is running Excel is though?

The Code Room

Normally I’m despise reality TV. If you want to put 10 people to the test on a deserted island, dump them from a boat 1 km. off shore, make them swim to shore and then don’t provide them with any sup


Have you ever wondered why Google’s main page is so simplistic and bland? Do you get excited when the Google logo changes for a special event (even if you don’t know what the event is)? Well folks,


I have never been the type of person that chooses interaction with marketing types over a decade long stay in a Turkish prison. I know I’ve only met a small subset of these people, but they have been

VS Tips and Tricks

Well, I’m still sitting on the bench here at work and it looks like it will last a couple more weeks. My many journeys around the internet have led me here. This is a nice collection of Tips and Tri

Is this foreshadowing for my life?

For those of you that know me in the real world you might find this to be a funny take on where my life could be going. I think I’d start by changing my name to Daisy.

Formatting Code for Your Blog

Found this today. It’s a great little HTML formatter that will convert unformatted code into a piece of HTML that will appear as it would in the VS IDE. Probably the sweetest thing is that you can c