archive: 2005/9

VS & SQL 2005

For the last month I’ve been working on a little side project usingVisual Studio and SQL Server 2005.  So far I’ve been quite pleasedand for Beta software it is amazingly stable.  One of the

The complexity of simplicity

As you may have read, I’ve been working on some MSMQ configuration andcoding for the last little while.  In the past I had always heard“Asynchronous System” and hid under my desk where the left o

On Again, Off Again Relationship

Yes folks, my normally stable life has had one rather shorton-again-off-again relationship with MSMQ.  A while back I postedthat I was starting to do some work with MSMQ,but it ran into one rathe

The fork and the spoon

Sounds like a quaint little bistro or pub a small town doesn’tit?  No?  Perhaps it sounds like two things you’d do withthat special someone (although I’m not exactly sure what a forkis)?&nbs


Ok.  I don’t usually make political statement.  My societalstatement are usually limited to rants about life in IT.  TodayI’m going to veer from the norm (like any of you think I’m norm

Happy belated B-day Alberta (and Saskatchewan)

    The first was the centennial b-day for the two landlocked provinces in the confederation.  Thursday saw a big partythroughout the province including concerts and fireworks.&nbs

Peace is shattered in Middle Earth

Friday saw the peace, which had endured for three weeks in MiddleEarth, shattered by the return of Grima.  The rumble of the comingdoom could be felt the day before (it’s the only reason I can th