The fork and the spoon

Sounds like a quaint little bistro or pub a small town doesn’t
it?  No?  Perhaps it sounds like two things you’d do with
that special someone (although I’m not exactly sure what a fork
is)?  No?

The fork and the spoon is the tale of two eating utensils found in a
bizzare location.  Yesterday I went to the washroom at work
to….ummmm…..go.  We consultants (aka service intergrators to
the pompus few who need oral validation) are billeted on the same floor
as the mechanicals in our building.  Because of this the washroom
is not spacious.  It’s a one person locale for a one person
event.  Light on == occupied.  Light off == free for use.

Anyways, I digress.  The facilities consist of sink and toilet, so
I step up to the toilet and what do I see?  Ok folks…..before I
begin to free myself from the kahki shakles.  Of course I see a
soup spoon on the back of the toilet.  My mind wanders as I begin
to think of all the reasons that a spoon may be required in this
place.  Fishing a contact out of the water.  Carving a
portion of your stool off to take home and show the kids that “Yes,
daddy goes while he’s at work so you should while you’re at
school.”  Taking a real small sample for drug testing. 
Eating your fruit cocktail while relaxing in the “office”.  By the
time I’d made this list I was finished and decided that rather than
continue to brainstorm, I should just get on with work.

Today I make the same journey and what do I find?  A fork. 
Immediately my mind begins to think why?  Mashing for better
flushing results.  Stiring the bowl contents for a more thourough
blend.  Scratching those hard to reach spots.

Whatever the reason, I’m baffled, but slightly amused.