archive: 2006/11

Customizing Visual Studio 2005 SmartTag key strokes

One of the great additions in Visual Studio 2005 are SmartTags.  These are the little drop down menus that appear in the IDE when you’re writing code.  The one I use the most is ‘Add Using’


Athletes do it.  Musicians do it.  Artists do it.  How may developers do it?  The skills that we use everyday don’t just magically appear.  Lots of developers learn and hone t

The druthers of work

I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately and I figured I should write out the reasons why.  Not so much because I think you guys give two shits (you might, who knows), but more because I wa

Portable Apps

The place I’m working right now doesn’t allow me to install software, no matter what it is, onto my development desktop.  I can understand their concerns with licensing, viruses and the such, but