archive: 2007/11

Ontario MSDN mini-tour wrapup

I’m home from a 3 day junket through south and eastern Ontario. I’d like to take the time to wrap up the three events here. First huge thanks go out to MSDN Canada and their endless support of the c

Object conversion fix

I forgot to put the link to the downloadable source code for the Object Conversion post that I did yesterday. I have fixed that post and downloads are available here.

Object conversion

A while back JP posted about how he likes to use a different set of objects for transferring data to the UI layer (Screen Bound Dtos) than the ones that he has implemented in the domain model. This

Air Canada Coach

I’m flying to Toronto on Air Canada right now. I rarely fly AC because my experience has shown the seats to be uncomfortable and the service to be sub-par. I skipped the lines in the airport (and th

A Tale of Travel Gone Good.....I think

Unlike most people, my travel experiences, especially flying, have been of the positive variety. Every so often I have something disturbing or inconvenient happen, but rarely have they caused problem

Lest We Forget

I feel unquestionably blessed to live in a country that has a military heritage as strong as we Canadians have. From The War to End All Wars, to the Second World War, Korea, the countless and thankle

Going to Winnipeg...

For those of you that aren’t privy to the Fountain Tire television ads here in Canada, that is the final line in one of them. Yep….Winnipeg. If you’re in the City of….what the hell is Winnipeg the c

Ontario Speaking Tour

I’m booked up for the end of November to be in Ontario doing a whirlwind speaking tour. On the Monday the 19th I’ll be at the East of Toronto .NET User Group speaking on the new features in .NET 3.5

A good Alt.NET primer

Wally McClure just released a great podcast on Alt.NET. He interviews David Laribee who articulates the mantra behind the movement (practices and principles over tools and frameworks). I have to say

Premature Optimization and Mental Masturbation

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about some things that were said in a system design conversation that I had. To set the tone, we were talking about a greenfield web application that was to b