Air Canada Coach

I’m flying to Toronto on Air Canada right now. I rarely fly AC because my experience has shown the seats to be uncomfortable and the service to be sub-par. I skipped the lines in the airport (and thus the experience of dealing with an AC representative) by using the self check-in kiosks littering Edmonton International. If you have nothing but carry on, I suggest these as I was into the airport and on my way to the security line (at a much slower pace than I was asked to in Winnipeg) in about 3 minutes.

I digress though. I’m sitting here in row 21 which is firmly in the middle of coach on this particular airplane (Airbus A320) but each seat has it’s own seat back entertainment system. The system offers TV, Movies and satellite radio via a decent touch screen interface. The thing that truly amazes me though is that beside the screen there is a fully operational 110V plug (only 2 of the three seats on each side of the aisle have them) plus a USB jack (I assume this is for a feature on the music side that allows you to play your own play list). If I had a poorer battery the plug would be very handy. I used to think that power outlets were the domain of the pretentious first class. Today I feel a little bit special….I’m sure that will wear off though.