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Writing Gadgets with The Pimp

All I have to say is, damn Justice’s head is freaking huge!  I can only see about 1/3 of the screen around it.  I can’t imagine what the line of sight would be like if he still had that damn

MSMQ at Edmonton Code Camp

I just wrapped up my presentation on MSMQ at Edmonton Code Camp.  I actually thought that I was going to finish pretty early, but in the end I filled most of the time slot.  The group wasn’t

Edmonton Code Camp has started

We’re off and rolling today here at the Edmonton Code Camp.  Right now the first block of speakers, Steven & Justice and Dan, are wowing the early morning attendees.  Feel free to drop b

Edmonton Code Camp registration is closed

Steven Rockarts just told me that registration has closed for Edmonton Code Camp.  We have 102 people officially registered (plus one wait-listed…sometimes it pays to just ask people!) for tomorr

JP Boodhoo at Edmug

Tonight we (Edmug) hosted JP Boodhoo at our monthly gathering.  JP was, well, JP.  Great content.  Great knowledge transfer.  Great all around.  He talked about having an ‘Ah-

'Tis the season for change

I’m sitting here in my pod looking out the window at the river valley here in Edmonton.  The trees are changing colour and the sight is beautiful.  Along with those trees, I’m changing jobs

Busy, but great, week for Edmonton geeks

This week is going to be out-freakin’-standing for geeks in Edmonton.  On Thursday the 28th Edmug is holding its monthly meeting and we have brought back Jean-Paul Boodhoo for your 500 level pre

Shit samples == shit coders

I read The Daily WTF.  I read Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror.  Tonight I read IBM’s sample document for How to use a DB2DataAdapter with the DB2 .NET Data Provider.  All three are essentia

DbType and other provider specific types

At work I’ve been working with a couple of my very skilled co-workers (on who is a DB2/Cobol programmer, but I don’t hold that against him) to try to solve a problem in our data access layer.  Re

Future Desktop Replacement

I’m not usually that big on new fangled gidgets and widgets, but I saw this out on the web today and I’m stoked at the possibility that this desktop replacement may actually get built. Watch the video

User Group Podcast

I stumbled on this podcast from Australia tonight that discusses the state of User Groups there and in New Zealand.  It’s a pretty good podcast, but it’s a shame that the audio for Adam Coga

I'm turning into a boolean bigot

I’m going to the top of the mountain (cause there’s so many here in Edmonton) and I’m going to shout it loud.  In my little programming world I’m turning into a boolean bigot.  So many

Property Event Pattern

I know someone else smarter than me has probably written a post, an article or a book on this, but I’m going to put it up here anyways. Tonight I was screwing around with some code for a small side

New Blog

Instead of cluttering up this blog with information about my favourite recipes I’ve decided to create a new blog dedicated to food called Geek Tukka.  I’m hoping to keep this up to date with reci

Edmug Event Feeds

At one of our Edmug board meetings recently we discussed making announcements for our events available in a syndicated format.  Prior to the DNIC tour event with John Bristowe on September 7th, J

Chicken Enchiladas

Another recipe that I absolutely love.  This one is a little better suited to cooler days than a hot summer afternoon, but I’ve had it in both and it’s very, very good in either. Ingredients1 lb

Called out by Mrs. L.

So I got called out by Mrs. Loquacious last week.  Apparently I don’t write enough human interest pieces on this blog for her liking.  Well, maybe after this post she’ll regret the fact