JP Boodhoo at Edmug

Tonight we (Edmug) hosted JP Boodhoo at our monthly gathering.  JP was, well, JP.  Great content.  Great knowledge transfer.  Great all around.  He talked about having an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment with TDD.  Tonight I had my own ‘Ah-ha!’ moment.  I actually saw JP take a drink from his water bottle!  Yes folks, it is more than just a fashion statement.

The side note to the meeting was the complete lack of preparation and pre-meeting verification by yours truly.  We arrived at our location (the always reliable and very capable Milner Public Library) only to find that the room we thought was booked, actually wasn’t.  Needless to say panic set in for me as I scrambled, with the help of Steve ‘The Harbin Hammer’ Yang to try to rectify the situation.  After a number of calls to the booking agent (who was being bothered at home while she was sick) it was clear that there was no way we were getting into the room.  Luckily for us the wonderful Christina Gray (no relation to Justice, thank god for her) was able to help us find a location at DevStudio‘s lunch room.  To both Christina and DevStudios we owe a debt of gratitude.  No me on the other hand, I deserve an arse kicking for letting this happen.  It won’t again. 

Oh, I checked, and we have confirmed bookings for the rooms on Saturday.  No need to worry about Code Camp having the same issues.