archive: 2006/2

Continuous Integration

I received news this week that I was going to be starting a new project (well, just another release of my last project) so I started to prepare my build and source control environments in earnest

The Great Adventures of PM Boy

Recently the project I was assigned to came to a rather graceful, and most certainly successful end.  As it ended the subsequent system maintenance contract began and I moved on to it along with

Server Virtualization

Channel9 has a great video on the way MS Virtual Server is architected and a lot of discussion on how you may use it.  Like any geek, I regularly get the question “What computer should I b

Cassini's Random Ports

Ran into a bit of a problem on a side project recently.  Not all the members of the team had IIS on their machines so some were using ASP.NET Development Server (Cassini) to serve up the web serv

My Inbox

I read this morning that Yahoo and AOL have announced that they will offer a pay-for-delivery, guarantee it makes it to the Inbox, email service.  Will it work?  Who knows.  Will people