My Inbox

I read this morning that Yahoo and AOL have announced that they will offer a pay-for-delivery, guarantee it makes it to the Inbox, email service.  Will it work?  Who knows.  Will people pay for this service?  Again, who knows.  Hang on.  Who cares?

I do love the way my spam filter software plucks all but the occasional penile enlargement ad (occasionally they do make for stellar reading).  I even love the way that it learns that some of the recruiting agency’s I’ve dealt with in the past are now just a group of spammers to me.  Yes, I do run into the rare case where someone’s valid email is redirected to the spam box, but that’s why it puts it in a box and doesn’t delete it.  You can, at your leisure, peruse the crap that has collected and pluck out the good stuff.  If people start paying for this, I will get the email in my inbox for the short term.  If I believe that they are a spammer (or less than savoury recruiter), I will just have to revive the Kill Filter and have those emails redirected to the Spam or Delete folders anyways.

I’m the Igloo Coder and when I write a message in a bottle it’s usually incoherent.  Then again, the bottle is usually alcohol in nature.