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DevTeach Toronto 2008

DevTeach is just around the corner again. I’m sitting here tonight putting the final touches on my presentations and I’m thinking about all the things that I enjoy about my trips to DevTeach. I migh

Building community one developer at a time

I’ve been working in this industry for a number of years and through that time of progressed from being somewhat competent at showing up for work to now being somewhat competent at showing up for work

What happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle...

Or so Dave thought. Tonight at the MVP Summit a few of us Canucks decided that we should embrace the international flair of the event. Instead of just hanging with the Canadians and the people that w

Places I'll be

I figured I should put up a bit of info about my plans for this spring’s conference season. So here they are. April 14 - 17, MVP Summit…and of course Party with Palermo. I’m only an attendee at this

Subversion migration

I don’t know if I finally won the battle at my current contract or if the stars just all aligned for me this week. I’m helping the company to takes its first steps away from Visual SourceSafe and int

Principal of Least Privilege

The Principal of Least Privilege is the concept of running with the lowest permission set possible. Historically we developers tend to run on accounts that have Administrator level privileges. It’s

Brownfield Application Development in .NET

Some of you may have been wondering why my blog posting has trailed off. Others will have been thanking the Gods that it has. Still more of you couldn’t care less and….ooo…look….shiny. Over the pas

Pursefight owner revealed...

Hey Bellware, sorry you had to take the beating for my statements and comments on the pursefight, that was not the intent. And to make it official to everyone, Scott Bellware is NOT the author of the