What happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle...

Or so Dave thought. Tonight at the MVP Summit a few of us Canucks decided that we should embrace the international flair of the event. Instead of just hanging with the Canadians and the people that we knew, we set out on a journey. During the mix and mingle event prior to dinner Tom, Dave and I managed to get some time with the Koreans, Ukrainians (interesting as they didn’t speak English, but fun all the same), some of the French, Germans, Italians and the Aussies.

Muscled up with Korea

At dinner they tables were segmented off so that there were areas for each of the major international MVP regions. Because hanging out with the international crowd had been so much fun at that point, a few of us decided to join the folks in the Europe, Middle East, Africa area. Our table was a good little UN area having an America, Scotsman, Englishman, a few Swedes and us. Good times.

Dinner with the UN

After dinner Dave decided to truly get into the international spirit and he dropped his preference for goats in favour of a little kangaroo loving. Poor animal probably wishes that it had stayed down under. I don’t think that Dave will ever be allowed into Australia.

Dave drops goats for an international flair