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My Window

So I’m sitting here at work this morning dreading the fact I will beworking on the Physical Model to bind them all.  It’s a stunningday outside and with the long weekend on us (one of only three

Time Management

Today I heard a good one.  It’s right near the end of the day and one of my coworkers (I thinkwe’ll call him TheUdderFeller) comes over to Slim and says somethingalong the lines of “I’ve found a

Igloo wear

After seeing what Rory did, and having a number of ideas for a number of years, I created a line of Igloo wear.

Data modeling requires a BA with an English major

Have you ever had one of those days where an event sucks the will tolive out of you? The type where if you got sucked into a toilet you’dflip the world the bird and leave with a smile? Well, today wa

Anorexic Rollerblading Pirates

I was out and about the other night after work.  Well, out andabout in my own special way.  Fine!  I was walking home afterbuying groceries and yes, that is out and about. Anyways, back

Remote Programming

I’ve worked in some environments that have tried to use a decentralizeddevelopment team.  Perhaps it was the way that they wereimplemented, but none of them ever were successful. Every Monday, We

Patterns & Practices

So I’ve slowly decided that when people speak of patterns I’m not going to whip out my trusty Butterick Summer Dress cutouts. Instead I’ll actually start to move towards these. Sigh…..I never got to

MS is whoring

Yes, it’s shocking, but MS is giving it away like a prom queen at her last dance. SQL Server 2005Visual Studio 2005ASP.NET Sigh….if only I could find a girl this morally corruptable. Well, one that d

But it's not natural

I’m certainly a proponent of having the team work in a more “intimate” environment, but some days it’s just makes it hard to hide and laugh. Yesterday Buddy and Slim had a very animated discussion ab

web.config? Why not use an XML file?

This is the second post in what I’m sure will become an ongoing seriousabout Buddy the developer.  Yesterday it was source control beingunnecessary.  Today Buddy argued that using the

Source Control? What a hassle...

Yesterday I heard on of the funniest things ever. I have a feeling thatthis will become a regular thing. It’s just the way the guy is. Hecan’t help it. He’s funny when being serious.So Buddy decides t

Thank you to the less technically aware

I just wanted to send out thanks to those people who don’t knowbetter.  I’m not supposed to be online in my new apartment untilTuesday afternoon (the phone jacks are just holes in the wall rightn

Happy Canada Day!

I hope you all are having a great Canada Day today!  For youYanks, Canada is the big party that we throw on the 1st of July (wejust had to be drunk before you lot) where we barby and drink real b