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Free Visual Studio Tips and Tricks ebook

I can’t remember how I found this on the web (update:  This was found in the July 31st MSDN Flash newsletter written by John Bristowe), so if it was your site that pointed me to it, thanks. Infoq

Poker Night

Last night I was out playing some poker with friends (both new and old) at Justice’s place. Although I’ve played a fair bit of poker online, this was my first attempt at playing live. This certainly

Richard Campbell at Edmug Tonight

Tonight Edmug is having it’s July event. Richard Campbell is in town and talking about SQL Querying Tips and Tricks along with some SQL 2k5 stuff. Drop by and watch his presentation. We will be han

NDoc 2 is dead

The fact that NDoc 2 will no longer be pursued by Kevin Downs is a drag. NDoc has been on my list of things to integrate into my build process for quite some time and losing it means that the Sandcas

Code Monkey

Ah yes….finally an anthem we can all sing proudly. I’ve really been getting tired of Kumbaya in our cubicle. I’m especially happy about the section where “…manager can go and write logon page himsel

BSG Season 3 trailer

Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica is looking good. Gotta love the tune they picked for this trailer too. A little Hanna Alberta blue collar rock from Nickleback. Gotta love the Alberta boys. Battles

INETA Live Presentation on User Group Best Practices

I noticed to day that the Best Practices for Running a User Group webcast has been put up on the INETA Live site. Have a listen to Chris Williams, D’Arcy Lussier, Robin Edwards, Doug Ware and myself

Why I'm pushing for code coverage

Right now I’m make a push at work to increase the percentage code coverage by our unit tests. Let’s just say that the numbers are very very low. But they are increasing. This morning as I was lying

Naming SQL Server Objects

In the final post of my series on naming conventions, I’m going to discuss some different ways to name some of the objects in your SQL Server databases. This topic alone could turn into it’s own seri

Naming Conventions for UI Controls

Moving from backend code that I’ve concentrated on in the rest of this series to the UI, today I’m going to discuss some of the naming conventions available for controls that are used on the user inte

Naming Interfaces and Super (Base) Classes

The number of options when choosing conventions for the naming of interfaces and super classes is fairly limited. Like so many other things in programming, naming of these two things is most effectiv

When are scheduled code drops not enough?

In the past week and a half I’ve had some great conversations with one of my coworkers about the scheduling of our code drops. As background to those of you who don’t work with me (which is darn near

Class Naming Conventions

I’m over half done my Naming Conventions series and I’m starting to notice that my posts are getting shorter and shorter. Again, this post will not be large, but there are a few important points I wa

User Group Leadership Taskings and Meeting Locations

Marcia McLean from the Cape Cod .NET User Group left a couple of great comments for me today. First, thanks Marcia for pointing out two things that I should have further discussed in my User Group ser

Property Naming

Once again I’m writing on naming conventions. This time I’m sure will be a short post to talk about conventions for publicly exposed properties. Like variables, functions, methods, classes, etc. pro

Function and Method Naming Standards

After a brief pause, I’m all liquored up and ready to continue with the next post in the Naming Conventions Series. Today I’ll discuss name standards that are used with functions, methods and overload

Women in IT

I’ve been in the not so standard situation to have worked with a number of females during my IT career. One place I worked at even had a 50-50 ratio of men to women (no it wasn’t a two person shop).

Module Variable Naming

As part of my Naming Conventions series I’m going to discuss the naming of module level variables. Naming conventions for module level variables are quite similar to those you might use for naming lo

Local Variable Naming

In the second post of my Code Naming Conventions series I’m going to explore how we could name our local variables. One of the nicest things about local variables is that their scope is quite limited

Consistency through Convention

Code naming conventions are a very touchy subject. Many developers will get very defensive about ‘their way’ and will be quite offensive, or offended, by ‘your way’. In these posts I’m not going to

Code Naming Conventions, The Series

While I was writing my last series (User Group Startup Stories I noticed that the series idea helped to focus my attention, consolidate my ideas and forced me to put the digital pen to the digital pap