Code Naming Conventions, The Series

While I was writing my last series (User Group Startup Stories I noticed that the series idea helped to focus my attention, consolidate my ideas and forced me to put the digital pen to the digital paper. In light of this I’m going to start another series on a very contensious topic….naming conventions. I understand that people are very passionate, somewhat belligerent and quite opinionated about their favourite naming convention. Rather than trying to preach as an expert, I’m going to pick areas in code where naming conventions are used and I’m going to try to discuss a number of options complete with the pros and cons as I see them. After presenting these ideas I will post my personal preference and an explanation of why I choose it.

I’m going to gather the information in these posts from a couple of different sources. In addition to my own opinions and experiences I’m going to references the following two books. These are great tomes and I recommend them for purchase.