archive: 2013/5

The *Specified anti-pattern

I’ve spent far too much energy on this already. But it needs to be said to a broader audience. When your svc code creates *Specified properties for struct properties you’re doing more harm than good.

PrairieDevCon DDD Primer

This was the first time that I gave this talk and I was very happy with the way it went. I’m going to keep it in my current rotation for a while I think. Here are the slides: http://www.slidesha


Recently I was trying to find a good DataAnnotation extension that would provide validation for phone numbers. I stumbled on this blog post from AppHarbor and decided that I should take that idea and

PrairieDevCon Hacking Hardware

The Hacking Hardware talk at PrairieDevCon went well yesterday. The slides are available on Slideshare here: If you’re interested in Project Coppe