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Introduction to nHibernate

Thanks to all the folks who attended my session at the Victoria Code Camp.  I know it was a little rough and having the VPC not respond to the keyboard was more than a little frustrating. I have

Scoble complains about Engadget

I have a distant admiration of Robert Scoble.  He’s doing things in new ways and that’s admirable, but sometimes I read his posts and I think “WTF?”  This morning was one of those times.&nbs

Leaving Victoria....maybe...

I’m out at Victoria International Airport in the fog.  Thick fog.  So thick that I can’t see the light posts 100 ft away.  Flights are being canceled, but it looks like the fog is rolli

Victoria Code Camp Wrapup

Nolan Zak and his crew put on a fabulous event here in Victoria.  The UVic facilities were fantastic.  Three rooms, each with a podium where the speaker just had to plug in their laptop to t

Victoria my love...

So I just got into Victoria in advance of the Victoria Code Camp.  The cab ride from the airport was a long one, but I did see some interesting things.  First, every Victoria Yell

Cascading Defects & Automated Migrations

We all know how annoying it is when you’re surfing the web and you’re greeted with a cascade of never ending pop up windows.  I saw the same thing happen yesterday at work, but instead of with po

Cruise Control .NET v1.1 401 Dashboard 401 error

This past week we upgraded our CCNet server from v1.0 to v1.1 and encountered a few issues.  The first number of issues that popped up were most definitely caused by the networking departments in

Victoria Code Camp

Next Saturday (January 27th) I’ll be in the beautiful city of Victoria to speak at the Victoria Code Camp.  My topic…Introduction to nHibernate.  So if you’re in the vicinity of Victori

Windows Developer Tools Day

The good folks over at O’Reilly are _‘…unilaterally declaring Friday, January 19th to be “Windows Developer Tools Day.”‘  _They’re tying this to the launch of the new book by Jim Holmes and James

Miguel Castro @ Edmug

Last night Miguel made the long journey from the Garden State to the City of ex-Champions.  We warmed it up so that the foreigner didn’t have to talk about getting frostbite while typing.  T

Thank goodness for the Igloo

I know when people read this they think I’m being facetious when I say I live in an igloo and on an ice flow.  Well let me tell you, it’s not all fun and games up here.  After a wonderfully

Custom Serialization of business objects

In the past the most that I’ve ever used serialization is the automated kind that you get with web services.  I’ve recently been looking into some stuff that could use the power of serialization

Defensive Programming

Anyone who has seen me harp during a code review knows that I promote and practice defensive programming.  I don’t like to leave anything to chance when I write a public facing piece of code.&nbs

Maybe this will stop the 5 things insanity...

Like a number of other people, I find chain letters, endlessly forwarded jokes and these blog chains quite challenging.  Don’t you think that there’s enough mindless drivel on the web with me add

Miguel Castro at Edmug in January

  We are having another great presentation at Edmug in January.  This time, with the help of INETA, we’ve been lucky enough to get Miguel Castro out of New Jersey. Please note tha

Before I get started on another year...

I wanted to write some things down so I can clear my mind and, hopefully, approach 2007 with a different perspective.  These aren’t New Years resolutions.  These are career oriented and hope