Victoria Code Camp Wrapup

Nolan Zak and his crew put on a fabulous event here in Victoria.  The UVic facilities were fantastic.  Three rooms, each with a podium where the speaker just had to plug in their laptop to the power and the projector, and each with dual projection screens for the attendees.  The level of technology used in the rooms, as well as the amount that was available to the attendees at their desks, was frightening.  The seating area had power and Cat-5 for everyone.  The facility had wireless web access (intermittently) as well.  I’d love to find this kind of place for the Edmug events.

Nolan did a great job getting a large number of great speakers from his local community, Redmond and Alberta.  With the exception of the presentation by yours truly, I heard nothing but rave reviews from the attendees.  I had a few technical issues I had to overcome during my presentation (my VPC lost it’s keyboard capabilities), but I managed to plow through and the attendees seemed to be keen on the topic.  It was great to see the number of people who were interested in nHibernate too.

To those of you who attended and are looking for the materials from my presentation, I will be posting them when I get back to Edmonton.  Now I must begin packing and make my second trip to the Victoria Airport in as many days (long story).