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Community Server and Medium Trust environments

I’ve been setting up my new laptop with all the requisite software for me to blog while on the road and today I decided to install w.bloggar v4.00 as my posting tool. Setting it up is to post to a Co

Hanselman in Cow Town

Three of us made the journey down the QE2 today to watch the Alberta .Net User Group’s guest speaker Scott Hanselman.  The presentation was great and, although advertised as a talk on dasBlog, it

RSS Toolkit Upgrade

Dmitry has upgraded his RSS Toolkit (download here).  I’m currently using the tool to run my newest site  Great work Dmitry, and thanks a bunch.

Jean Paul Boodhoo on DNR TV

I watched Jean Paul Boodhoo’s DNR TV segments today (download Part 1, Part 2) and they were great!  Jean Paul did a fabulous job of showing (sometimes I learn better seeing something done) how to

400+ Differences

I stumbled on this site today (  It’s nothing more than a marketing campaign for Visual Studio, but some of the clips are pretty damn funny (I can relate to #308 &

Most Recent Projects Clutter

If you’re anything like me you tend to open a lot of different projects of solutions over a period of time.  The first thing that you’ll notice is that the Most Recent Projects menu item and Star

Web Deployment in .Net 2.0

I’m currently working on my first web project in Visual Studio 2005 and .Net 2.0.  Right now I’m trying to figure out how to properly, and easily, deploy the beta version of my site.  While

Team Foundation Server Ships Today

Via Rob Caron In his keynote today [Thursday March 16th, 2006] at SDWest 2006, Rick LaPlante announced thatwe’re releasing Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server tomorrow.Last year we took the toug

Edmonton .Net bloggers

I’m working on some code to consolidate the feeds of all the Edmonton .Net bloggers that I can find.  I think we developers in the City of Champions need a better and bigger community to be invol

John Bristowe's WinFX Presentation in Edmonton

Last night’s presentation, by John Bristowe, on WinFX and it’s components was very well done and the information was great.  I have to admit I did get a little geeked about the Windows Workflow F

Some images just shouldn't be seen

Call me a prude, but this is one of those images that I just didn’t need to see.  It could only be worse if someone had photoshopped Mike’s face onto this body.  Hang on….it could be worse t

Look out TO

I got word today that my training request for VSLive Toronto has been approved.  I will be going!  I’ve never done any formal training with any employer I’ve ever had (software industry or n

CS Upgrade

I spent part of the weekend working on upgrading the blog to Community Server 2.0 for .Net 2.0.  I didn’t have any problems performing the upgrade (other than the fact the upload of the new appli

Windows Live Messenger beta

I got an invite to Windows Live Messenger beta today.  I’ve installed it and started to play tonight.  I got all excited and spread around the invites.  Once I had some people onl

John Bristowe in Edmonton

John Bristowe is coming to Edmonton on the 14th of March.  He is doing a presentation on WinFX for the Edmonton .Net Wizards User Group.  Here are the instructions on where to find the meeti

The Lazy Manager

Seems that Mike over at Fire in the Hole has decided to blog about developer management.  His first series (Lazy managers are good, Don’t panic, delegate, Two more stories on lazy managers)

.NET 2.0 WinForms Controls

I’ve been working on this side project using .NET 2.0 for the last 6 months and some of the features are really starting to grow on me.  The project is a WinForms application which provides

More reporting

In the past I’ve worked on a lot of reporting solutions.  My most recent work project has no reporting component which is contrary to what I think software needs.  If your system is co

INETA Code Camp Info

There is an INETA webcast coming up on Wednesday March 22, 2006 between 1:30 and 2:30 MST that will discuss the ins and outs of setting up a Code Camp.  Via Thom Robbins.

Isn't it Spec-ial

For about 11 months now I’ve been at my current employer.  One of the things that has been different in that time is that the development team has had, and been able to request clarificatio