Jean Paul Boodhoo on DNR TV

I watched Jean Paul Boodhoo’s DNR TV segments today (download Part 1, Part 2) and they were great!  Jean Paul did a fabulous job of showing (sometimes I learn better seeing something done) how to do Test Driven Design/Development.  At one point he says that it might take some time for the light to go on when you first are learning TDD practices, but when it does it will shine ever so brightly.  I think that watching his demos was the last step before that light shines for me.  It’s so informative just sitting and watching how someone writes their test.  What things they test for, how they name the tests, and how they locate their test projects within the solution.

The other thing that was interesting was his adamance that the Model View Presenter pattern was the only way to create a system.  I’ve very little experience with this pattern, but his passionate arguements and explaination of the pattern has made me seriously consider it’s benefits and possibly has start to convert me on that front too.

I’m the Igloo Coder and Jean Paul has an open invitation to sit next to the whale oil heater and I’ll just sit and listen.