archive: 2005/11

A view on the economics of software development

Certainly thisisn’t the full encapsulation of the economics of software development,but it certainly is the portion that we developers are most likely tosee clearly.  I know that I was in the “bu

Design Patterns

K. Scott Allen’s design pattern explaination for bar rooms.

Edmonton VS 2005, SQL 2005 and BT 2006 Launch

Today I spent the day at the Edmonton Launch event.  The sessionswere fairly interesting, the swag was great and the check-in anddeparture processes were horrific.  Pictures courtesy of Sash

Today's the day of the teddy bear picnic

It’s picnic time in the forest folks and all the little ants are goingto be showing up to take a piece of it away.  Last night I was outat the MS/.Net User Group VIP event (I felt so VIPish).&nbs

Damn shoelaces

Don’t you just hate it when you go to tie your shoes and you’re greetedwith a pleasant snap followed by a lessening of resistance in one arm(two if it is going to be an excessively crappy day)? 

The silence has been deafening

For the last few weeks I’ve been busier than all get out at work andthus haven’t been posting much.  We’ve been working to push thefirst release of our software to the client’s productionenvironm