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Going dark

Justice pinged me as soon as I got home today to point out what has happened to Kathy Sierra.  Take the time to read the whole of Kathy’s post.  If you’re not a subscriber to her blog, read

Coding with (or without) whitespace

Jonathan Cogley posted on how he believes that whitespace in your code is a code smell.  Thinking about this concept, I can’t agree fully one way or the other.  I think that there are some s

Another Mocking Template for ReSharper

I spent some time today writing ordered mock tests and realized that I needed a nice quick template for the using statement.  You can download it here.  After importing it you’ll be able to

Refactoring approaches

I’m working on a fairly large codebase right now.  Unfortunately it has significant problems.  Right now we have the time to work through some of these problems, so we are.  W

Visual Studio "Orcasf" Code Metrics

I spent a little time this afternoon looking at the new Code Metrics functionality that has appeared in Visual Studio “Orcas”.  I think that there are a number of different things that need to be

C# 3.0 and the var type, Part 2

I didn’t cover this off in [my previous post on the topic](, but while I was working on my last post to see if I could get the new construct

Constructors in C# 3.0 followup

In my previous post on Constructors in C# 3.0 I stated that I didn’t understand the reasoning behind compilation creating two Employee objects in the way that it does. Richard left the followin

The Contracting Game

In a week or so I will have been contracting for about 6 months.  I made a move away from the employee world because of two major factors.  The first was the fact that employee status wasn’t

ReSharper Live Templates

One of the nicest features in ReSharper is Live Templates.  At work during the last week I was writing a lot of mock tests and I was getting tired of tapping out the same thing over and over.&nbs

ReSharper Withdrawals

After a weekend spent coding in the March CTP of Visual Studio ‘Orcas’, I can safely say that I’ve seen another sign that ReSharper makes developers junkies.  The Orcas CTP is provided as a VPC i

Constructors in C# 3.0

Another of the new features in C# 3.0 (part of Visual Studio Orcas) is the ability to do initialize objects inline and without the need for special constructors.  As you can see in the image belo

C# 3.0 and the var type

Back in the good old days when I was programming in VB6 we had this data type called variant.  Basically we could use it for anything we wanted to as long as we were comfortable with weak typing.

Changing the way we code

One of the things that I noticed in the last couple of years is that a significant number of .NET developers (including myself) are doing nothing more than procedural programming while using

Orcas and it's framework

For all the RTM versions of Visual Studio that have been produced by Microsoft since the inception of the .NET framework, each has only worked with it’s own version of the .NET framework.  Visual

Getting work done

I’ve decided that my company (who employs one lousy, but good looking programmer) is going to help me get more work done.  I find that when I’m working at home I get distracted easily by things l

Velocity and having your tires shot out

A while back I posted about Velocity being more than just speed.  This week I saw an entire project management team decide to shut the door on velocity.  I’m not going to pretend to understa

Edmug with Bristowe

We Edmontonians were out in fairly large numbers tonight to see John Bristowe, of DNIC and Plumbers fame, talk about stuff.  Sure it wasn’t just stuff, but there was a lot of stuff to be tal

EViL v1.0.4 release

We pushed out a new release of EViL last night.  Looks like we added the following features for this release: Support for validating all types of properties (public, private, etc.) Support for v

Hey ReSharper...Shake your heads!

Maybe it’s the 3 NeoCitroen’s that I’ve had in the last hour.  Maybe it’s the Tylenols too.  Heck, maybe it’s the combination of the two with this craptacular illness as a side dish.  A