Getting work done

I’ve decided that my company (who employs one lousy, but good looking programmer) is going to help me get more work done.  I find that when I’m working at home I get distracted easily by things like Gears of War.  Because of this I tend to have a very large backlog of things I’ve been meaning to get to.

To work at getting through this stack of geekdom the board of directors has decided that I’m entitled to one working weekend a month where they will located me somewhere without distractions.  This weekend I’m heading south to Calgary.  My experience this far has been quite nice. 

I’m riding the Red Arrow down the QE2 instead of driving or flying.  The biggest reason for this is that they’re providing wireless internet access on the bus.  This is so sweet.  Right now the driver is fighting traffic while I’m kicking back and harassing Justice and Rockarts on IM.

So what will I be working on this weekend?  Well, I have some pet software that I’ll be coding.  I’ve also downloaded the March CTP of Orcas so you’ll see some blogging about the new C# and IDE feature in it.

This weekend it by no means all work and no play though.  So if you’re in Calgary and you want to get together for a bevvie, drop me a line and we’ll see what we can organize.