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Is your code running in development mode?

I’ve had to determine the answer to this question in a number ofdifferent applications that I’ve worked on.  Most recently it wasVisual Studio .Net 2003. What I ended up doing was creating a simp

ComponentOne FlexGrid .Net

I was working in depth with this product today for the first time andfound some interesting anomolies.  There is a Selection Modesetting for the control that is called ListBox.  The documnta

Sports Team Names

This is a great follow up article illustrating the wide variety of unorthodox names pinned to teams around the world. <a href=”">

SQL Tools

Since this is supposed to be tech blog, I should start including alittle more tech and a little less crap.  Here are a couple oflinks for some software that will script database differences. <


A very Happy Valentine to all you out there.  If you’re in thesame boat as me (paddling with one oar), drop by your favourite spiritshop and get yourself a little self-love present.  Perhaps


In the past I worked in an environment that had a very fast developmentpace which created high stress and, ultimately, some developerturnover.  My current job is not like that at all and this is


<span style=”;font-family:Arial;font-size:100%;”  ><spanstyle=”;font-family:Arial;” >It has now been proven in practice, aswell as theory, that no matter where I work, women will goss


Today interesting quip was spewed forth during a security systemarchitecture meeting. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m all for security insoftware, and I’ve written a couple of security modules for financ

Against 3rd Party

Today I was “schooled” on the problems with using 3rd party controls ina software project.  The arguments were valid, if you hadn’t evergone through the process of using a 3rd party control. 

The Big Day

Yesterday was my transition for two-nine to three-oh.  It wasn’tall that exciting.  I did have a good bottle of wine last night. I’m starting to think that I should start another blog that i

To Print or Not To Print?

Today the (backup) copies of the DVDs were completed with the scanningand printing of their respective covers. Of course all on the company’stime and colour printer.

The Four Horsemen are coming

I continue to see signs of the apocalypse when I’m a work. Today it wasthe implementation of a “dirty” flag (indicates when a form has beenedited and should trigger a save). Most people would create a


Why do 3rd party software developers continue to insult us with theirease of use statements?   Have they not used their owncreations?  Have they no idea that there usually is competitio