ComponentOne FlexGrid .Net

I was working in depth with this product today for the first time and
found some interesting anomolies.  There is a Selection Mode
setting for the control that is called ListBox.  The documntation
states that this mode will allow the user to make selections of
multiple non-contiguous rows or blocks of rows.  Once I got the
control setup and populating with data in this mode, I wanted to be
able to loop over all the selections that had been made.  Although
there is a Selections property, it does not contain a listing of all
the rows that have been selected in the control.  The only way to
do this is to loop over every row and validate the
Grid.Rows.Item(x).Selected property.  It’s not a horrible work
around, but I’m a little worried about the performance when I get
10,000 rows in the grid.  I suppose it’s time to start stress
testing the app.