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Software Development Metaphors

Jeffrey Palmero recently had a great post where defends his belief that software development is not too hard, but instead it’s far to easy. While the post is great, covers a wide variety of opposing

Launch Day

Tomorrow marks the day that the Edmonton .NET User Group will truly come to life. For the six of you that read this blog, drop by the Milner Library in downtown Edmonton. Come for the swag and stay

The power of marketing

I’ve had the chance to work at a few different companies, small and large, and see both the differences in marketing and it’s effectiveness. No matter what anyone tells you, marketing is what makes s


Economics….like I know shite about this. I hardly passed my first year micro and macro courses, but I think I’ve gained a greater appreciation of these subject as I’ve become more aged. Mostly I hav

DevTeach 2006

It’s been confirmed. I am going to DevTeach in Montreal in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to this for a number of reasons. I’m really geeked up about the knowledge I’m going to abso

Hardware Nirvana

David Weiss blogs here about an impressive stack of hardware that he supports for use in a test lab at Microsoft. Yep they’re all Macs…and yes you did read that right. They’re all at Microsoft. The

User Group Meeting Content

One of the big reasons that Steven R, Steve Y, Brad, Mike M and I originally picked up the idea of starting the Edmonton .NET User Group was because we wanted better meeting content quality. Steven R

Community Server 2.0 "Skin Not Found"

So I upgraded to Community Server 2.0 RTM back about a month ago and since then I’ve been fighting to get my favourite skin (Foggy Valley) to run on my site. Every time I’d switch the skin from one t

RDD - Report Driven Design

It seems that everyone has their own methodology now. It may be TDD, XP, Agile, RUP or some other flavour of the month. Last night, while I was less than sober, I had a conversation with Mike about


I was out at a local establishment indulging in a few sinful liquids when the conversation turned to the fact that neither myself or my companion could identify with the new wave of methodologies. We got spammed hard!

I went to tonight and found that they’d been spammed hard. Someone had setup a blog and was posting to the main feed abot cialis and other such “inflamitory” drugs. Pretty fun

Page not found (404) error on a new IIS6 server

Today I have been fighting with a problem on our new IIS6 testing environments. I’ve installed all the software onto the servers and then opened IIS and browsed to one of the .aspx pages in the newly

The New Edmonton .NET User Group

You can say you heard it here first. The new Edmonton .NET User Group has formed. The user group was created with the primary goal of providing powerful speaker content, learning opportunities and t

nAnt builds

Jean-Paul Boodhoo is posting a great series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) on using nAnt to perform the builds for you applications. Since starting my last project I’ve become a huge proponent of nAnt, but

VS 2005 Security articles

I found a page on MSDN that has a listing of VS 2005 Security articles and webcasts. The selection inclueds everything from Design and Deploying Secure Web Apps to VSTS: Building Robust and Reliable