Economics….like I know shite about this. I hardly passed my first year micro and macro courses, but I think I’ve gained a greater appreciation of these subject as I’ve become more aged. Mostly I have my late night, wine and food induced, conversations with friends that live out in the sticks to thank for this. More recently though, I’ve started to see some of the effects of economics as it exists in the real world. Okay, Alberta’s economy isn’t really the real world, but hell, it’s my world.

So why would an isolationist like me care to comment on economics, the bond that seemingly binds us all? Well the fact is that I’m in a time an place where my skills are sought after more and more. I have a few balls up in the air right now and, although I’m doing them for the right reasons, there still are some fabulous long term side benefits. I think that these benefits will roll around and influence me in the next few months, but I’d really like to see the blokes that are working with me reap the benefits of all this goodness.

Yeah, I want to personally see the benefits, but seeing these guys succeed would blow my mind. It takes them into the real that Scott Hanselman talks about here. These guys will be able to say “Joe Blow (xxx successful project, 1 developer community created)”.

How does that play into economics you ask? Well, like I said before I’m in a shoppers market. I can look for and wait for the correct situation for me. If I don’t like the development practices, or I don’t think that I’ll be able to change the practices if I become part of the team, I can just sit back and wait a short time for the next offer to roll around. The guys I’ve been working on the Edmonton .NET User Group with are in the same position. They should be able to demand the situation that they desire. No longer are they the prey, they are the hunters.

What should these guys, and I, be looking for? Truthfully, nothing. In my mind we should be waiting. We need to let this fester in the minds of the companies that could possibly want our services. The longer we wait, and the greater the opportunities should be. Economically speaking we will be items that are short of supply and in high demand. It’s a great combination. Low supply, high demand and an exceedingly strong marketplace. Let’s see if it plays out.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’ve got a 24 sided die so let’s play the money game.