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What I'm doing to become a better programmer

I’ve been tormented and ridiculed by someone from Winnipeg (I know, really embarrassing), a guy from the US, and some whacko for an alternate hair reality.  All have posted on the things that the

Where do you find problems during refactoring?

I’m in the midst of reading Oren’s latest post about Working Software Over Comprehensive Documentation.  While I generally agree with Oren (and I realize he’s a big enough man that I don’t want t

Edmug's June Presentations

Yes, you read that right.  Edmug is going to have two shorter presentations on the 28th of June.  Top Opgenorth is going to present an introduction to embedded databases and db4o.  I’m

Guiding principles for running your project

Patrick Cauldwell wrote a brilliant post recently about the guiding principles for running your software development projects.  It runs the gamut from how to know when a piece of code is ready to

Starting newbies onto a project

This week I have the enjoyable experience of bringing 3 new developers onto our project.  Most of you that know me probably read that last sentence with a sarcastic tone on the word enjoyable.&nb

Internal vs. Release iterations

I had a discussion with a management type the other day about implementing the concept of release and internal iterations.  Currently that project has extremely long iterations (6 weeks or more i