Simple Properties and Anonymous Constructors in .NET 3.5

I just got back from doing a short presentation at Edmug on some of the new features in .NET 3.5.  While I was preparing for this presentation, I decided that I should start doing some screencasts.  Because the topics have been blogged about all over the web, including by me, but I’ve never seen them demo’d, I figured that I would do a set of screencasts on some of the new language constructs.

The first one is on Simple Properties and Anonymous Constructors.  You’d think that there wouldn’t be much there, but it totals out to just over 26 minutes in length.  I also have picked up a series of good questions and answers from tonight’s crowd that I’ll add to a follow up screencast.  You can download the avi here (I just tried opening this and it was deathly slow.  You’re best bet will be to right-click and Save As instead of trying to stream it).  You’ll also need the Camtasia Codec which is available here.

Let me know what you think of this attempt and I’ll see what I can do to make the next one better.