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Web 2.0?

What the fuck is up with the use of Web 2.0 to describe emerging trends on the internet?  Sure there are bunch of newer things out there like blogging, AJAX/ATLAS, tagging, podcasting, etc. but h

Yosemite Sam

After writing up the post about Chicken Little Syndrome, I had flash backs to an earlier time when I worked with this bloke Yosemite Sam who had a bad case of Rebootitis.  The first thing you hav

Driving Tunes

Don’t remember where I found this, but damn are these tunes good.  Thanks to Mercedes-Benz for putting it out on the web for free.

Java Kills

This is great.  ”The software product may contain support for programs written in Java. Java technology is not fault tolerant and is not designed, manufactured, or intended for use or resale as o

Chicken Little Syndrome

I’ve been unfortunate enough to work with all kinds of people.  Life would be so much easier if everyone were trying to be all they could be.  But nooooo….people are far to sati

IT Related Articles

I was somehow led to Philip Chu’s site technicat.comthis morning and I found it to have a great selection of essays thatcover software development process issues, company management issuesand some tha

Christmas Cheer

So no post from me about spreading the Christmas cheer.  Instead I’ll regale you with tales of my Christmas trip. I get to my parents place at about 7pm on the 24th after driving forover 6 hours.

Northern Bureaucracy

Seems like the big fella in the red suit can’t help but be bureaucratic.  The least he could do is have this online and create a good mashup with an online mapping site. I’m the Igloo


I was out last night doing the festive thing with some friends who were visiting from out of town.  We started the night at La Tapa on 99th Ave between 105th and 106th Streets.  As advertise

Visual 2005 Add-Ins

I was poking around that little place they call the internet and somewhere I found a link to the C# Shiznit.  The last two posts include a Project MRU (Most Recently Used) Cleaner AddIn and the P

I love winter

Call me sick.  Call me twisted.  Call me a Canadian. I love winter.  I love the way it muffles the tire sound on streets.  I love the way it turns a grimey fall into a pristine whi

More on Software Installations

Recently I posted this on my experiences with multiple installations for multiple environments.  I got a response from David Lockwood that suggested I look into using MSI Transforms.  After

SQL Server CTP Removal

Okay, so my uninstall of the Visual Studio and SQL Server Betas didn’t go as well as I’d thought.  No problems on the VS side of things, but I’ll be damned if I could get SQL Ex

NUnit and your project

I was out with Slim the other day and we discussed how our current project is using NUnit and what difficulties we were running into with it.  This certainly wasn’t a discussion about how w

Software Installations

Recently I’ve started doing the installations, into a number ofenvironments, of our software at work.  One of therequirements that we had to meet for our software deliverable was thatthe ins

Attensa RSS Aggregator

Recently I made the change away from SharpReader as my aggregating software.  I was tired of having SharpReader’s tendency to error when reading feeds.  At first my thought w

VS 2005 RTM

So I finally got my lazy ass into gear and un-installed VS 2005 Beta 2 and installed VS 2005 RTM.  No real big issues here.  I manually un-installed all the pieces of SQL Server Beta 2 and t

The Big Ad

Trust a beer company to come up with this. It’s funny to see the same song (O Fortuna) being used for a beer ad in Australia and Canada (Rickard’s Red…couldn’t find a link to the ad