Web 2.0?

What the fuck is up with the use of Web 2.0 to describe emerging trends on the internet?  Sure there are bunch of newer things out there like blogging, AJAX/ATLAS, tagging, podcasting, etc. but how the hell do you label it as Web 2.0?

Did some great, all-knowing internet god determine it was time to upgrade the internet to version 2.0?  Did this person come into their office one day and say “Hmmm….looks like they’ve released v2.0 of the Web.  Let’s just run the upgrade and see what happens.”  He pulls out a 3 1/2” floppy slaps it into his 8086 (cause who’s going to need more than 256K of memory right?) and double clicks on the setup.exe.  After watching a progress bar fill up he gets a message saying “Upgrade Complete” so he shoots off an email to everyone he knows telling them that “We’re now running Web 2.0, tell your friends”.

My other thought is what the fuck was Web 1.0?  Didn’t that get hammered in the Dot Com implosion a few years back?  We’ve been running Web 1.5 ever since.  If we upgrade to the new full version (2.0) won’t we still run the risk of have Dot Com Bomb 2.0, Mass Tech Unemployment 2.0, Stock Certificate Toilet Paper 2.0 and But I Don’t Want To Get A Real Job 2.0?

The web is ever evolving.  Don’t try to bring some trendy, marketing type term like Web 2.0 into the mess.  You can’t label it.  Don’t try.  You sound stupid.