archive: 2007/7

Refactoring Analysis with the Help of nDepend

About 8 months ago I ran my work application through nDepend to see what kind of disaster we really had on our hands.  The results provided a very deep insight into the current state of our

Richness in Language

I’m sitting here watching the Argentine and Mexican U20 teams play in the Quarter Finals of the U20 World Cup and I’m noticing the language of the announcer more than I normally would during a sportin

.NET 3.5 Extension Methods Screencast

I’ve spent some time working with and presenting on extension methods.  In this screencast I create three different extensions.  One to check if a string is null or empty, a second to releas

Follow up on Anonymous Constructors in .NET 3.5

During my presentation at Edmug on some of the new language features in .NET 3.5, I had some great questions and scenarios thrown at me.  As a follow up to those questions I’ve recorded a second