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The Software Development Life Cycle

We all have some knowledge of the SDLC (aka “The cluster-fuck I call work”) but many of us work within the process (Design, Code, Test, Build, Test, Release, Repeat).  What we don&rsq

RSS Reader Woes

In the past I’ve been a proponent of Attensa add-in for Outlook mostly because I really like to have my email and RSS in one convenient location.  Unfortunately, Attensa brought my machine

The IT Crowd

This weekend I found a blog post that led me to Channel 4 and the new British sitcom The IT Crowd.  Not having read any reviews of the show, I started watching it with a clear mind (okay, yo

More Installation Goodness

This is a follow up post to this one where I mention that a certain individual felt in was okay not to be diligent and as a result uninstalled the production servers.  One week after finishing u

.Net Training Material

There are many vendors of training material out there today.  Equally as voluminous are the ways that people learn effectively.  Today I found the site, and a


Apress is offering free books for download.  They want you to subscribe to an Apress newsletter, but all you have to do is uncheck the box and click the “Download the book” button.&nb

FireFox acting like a memory sucking pig

FireFox is great.  Tabbed browsing rocks.  Extensions make me giggle with glee.  Like Raymond Lewallen states in his post here, FireFox (v1.0.7) is really starting to piss me off.&

Would you like to Super Size that?

I’m pawing through the internet tonight and I found this article on the New Zealand Herald reporting an incident of the New Zealand Labour Department’s web site being hacked.  The thing that is m

Banned XBOX 360 Ad

This is a great ad for the XBOX 360.  Sure maybe not for TV, but, like the posting says, it should be in every movie theatre.

Regex Info

I was reading my feeds tonight when I saw this posting on Regex Performance by Jeff Atwood over at Coding Horror. I haven’t used regex a lot, but I’m very certain that I would not hav

And the light shineth on him.....

My belief that this whole Web 2.0 thing is nothing but a giant crock of marketing hooey has been proven by the venerated site TechCrunch.   Web 2.0 is nothing but a giant ploy by our four le

And I thought Waltzing Matilda was good

Got this through Steve Rockarts today.  The Unit Test song by Tim O’Day.  Waltzing Matilda will always hold a special spot with me, but this will be what I think of when I’m sitt

How USB and Web 2.0 are alike

Back in the day…okay, it was 2000….I scoffed at the idea that people would use this USB thing that everyone was talking about.  What good would it do?  How much easier would it be than plugg

The last thing today

So through my whole Community Server upgrade I had forgotten to figure out how to get BlogJet working.  It’s pretty easy (thanks to this post from Tiernans Comms Closet). Originally this wa

Taking the Dive

I took the dive today.  No, not an Ilya Kovalchuk swan dive atcenter ice when the backup goalie sneezes.  Instead I installedCommunity Server 2.0.  Was it fun you ask? Well…….no.&n

Web 2.0 and Good Web Design

Once again I’m going to comment on Web 2.0.  Ever since I made my first post (Web 2.0?)I’ve been finding more and more people writing with similar disdain forWeb 2.0.  This has been somewhat

New McConnel Book

I saw this post on .Net Delirium today saying that Steve McConnell has a new book, called Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art, coming out towards the end of Q1.  For those of you who

More on Web 2.0

Why won’t these thoughts on Web 2.0 just escape my poor little head?  Don’t they know that there’s limited real-estate up there and that most of it has been allocated to remembering the locations

A little more on Web 2.0

Well I see today that a couple of people actually have commented on my alcohol induced (that is a fact, not an excuse) rant on Web 2.0.  Steve Rockarts responded in support on my stance whil

Windows Security Video

Just saw this post, with a link to a video of a Jesper Johannson Window’s Security presentation, linked on Steve Rockart’s blog.  The videography pretty much sucks, but the