.Net Training Material

There are many vendors of training material out there today.  Equally as voluminous are the ways that people learn effectively.  Today I found the LearnVisualStudio.net site, and after watching one of their free videos I was quite impressed.

Bob Tabor has created a site that has a number of short videos that range from beginner VB.Net to VSTS.  The videos aren’t long (42 VSTS videos totalling 2.5 hours), but the content that I’ve seen is clear and to the point.  Additionally the video clips show you why something won’t work rather than only showing you the correct way to do something.

To top this all off, the multiple ways to subscribe to the site content is varied and most definitely a bargain.  One year will cost you less than USD$70 and there is even a Lifetime Subscription.

The site is worth taking a look at and if you learn well by watching example videos this just might be your holy grail.