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Edmug is North

Edmug is north (notice the little ‘n’ not the big ‘N’ like Ollie North). Edmonton is the most northerly provincial (not including the territories) capital in Canada. We’re 53°34’ north. We just

User Group Startup -- Extending Your Reach

In this, the final post in the User Group Startup series, I’m going to explore some of the ideas that we at Edmug have batted around. The ideas I’ll present here are ones that, while possibly benefit

User Group Startup -- Keeping the Ball Rolling

In this installment of the second to last installment of this series I’ll discuss one of the most difficult tasks you face while running a user group. Once you have a group started, meetings and even

User Group Startup -- Content, Content, Content

In the sixth installment of this series we’ll discuss meeting and event content and how important it is to creating a great community. Developers, by our nature, are an inquisitive group of individua

User Group Startup -- Location

It’s so darn beautiful outside today that I thought I’d sit on my deck and add another entry to my series on User Group Startups. This time around I’ll write about meeting and event locations. If yo

User Group Startup -- Having the Right Setup

In this installment of my Startup Stories I’m going to talk about the hardware and setup you’ll need for your meetings. When you attend events, whether they are company meetings, user groups or confe

Edmug gets plugged on DNIC

John Bristowe‘s Developer Night In Canada just released its latest episode featuring a talk with D’Arcy Lussier. Mister Lussier talks about how INETA helps with user group operations, support and kno

Cruise Control .NET in a multi domain environment

Yesterday and today I spent the better part of the day setting up a Cruise Control server for my dev team to use. This is my second attempt at this task. On the first attempt I made the mistake of t

User Group Startup -- Running with the Right Crowd

Once you’ve decided that you are going to start a user group and you’re going about it with passion and conviction it’s time to get together a leadership team. I want to emphasis the word team here.

User Group Startup -- The Inspiration

If you came to me and said that you were thinking about starting a User Group I’d ask you one question: Why? The reasons for wanting to start a User Group vary. Perhaps the city/town that you live i

My Start Up Stories

I’m going to start a series of posts on what I’ve experience while Brad, Justice, Stevie Y and Steven R have started and been running the Edmonton .NET User Group. This series will not even be compar

Late June in Edmonton

Who would ever have thought that that a post titled like this one would have the possibility of evoking thoughts of hockey? If this is what you thought, then shame on you! Why wouldn’t you think of

Hacknot's handbook on Technical Leads

Hacknot posted a comprehensive writeup on the traits, skills and requirements of a Technical Lead. As a Technical Lead the 19 items listed all hit home. Some are things that I consciously have thoug

TechEd 2006...pffftt....

According to Rob, if I’m not posting about my schedule for TechEd I’m a nobody. I’ll have you know Rob that my mommy says I’m a somebody! And if you don’t believe that I’ll make you sit on the floor

Team Foundation Sidekicks

Although I’m not using TFS (I hope to be very soon), these Sidekick products (Version Control and MS Build) by Attrice look very interesting. From what I can tell on the website both products appear