Edmug gets plugged on DNIC

John Bristowe‘s Developer Night In Canada just released its latest episode featuring a talk with D’Arcy Lussier. Mister Lussier talks about how INETA helps with user group operations, support and knowledge. D’Arcy even went so far as to mention Edmonton’s newest user group (us for those of you who add 2 and 2 to get 5). To quote D’Arcy “The guys there (Edmonton) are really on fire. They have a good executive in place and they’re really rarin’ to get Edmonton hot…”. I agree with him whole heartedly. The leadership that I’m working with (Stevie Y, Steven R, Justice and Brad) are rockstars. They have taken this opportunity and hammered the nail over and over again.

These guys constantly amaze me with their passion, dedication, skill and knowledge. I have to admit that I was terrified at our first meeting. I was scared that we would have first event jitters (namely the idiot president would get up and bomb the intro talk). I was scared that we wouldn’t be as prepared as we needed to be. I was scared that we would be missing hardware. I was scared that the freaking library would burn down! In case you don’t understand how scared I was imagine the first time you meet the little lady’s parents….and you’re hung over. Yah….scared and nauseous. The thing that was great about our first event was that none of my worries came to fruition (except maybe the president bombing). The only reason that the meeting was so uneventful was because of the guys that are running the group. To the four of them, hats off folks. Okay put them back on now or Justice may get jealous of your hair.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’m starting to tear up. Maybe it’s time to stop biting my finger.