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Understanding the Basics

Oren‘s been creating a lot of discussion on the web recently with his thought provoking and, apparently, controversial blog posts.  One of his more recent posts hits on the topic of tools being a

Roy Osherove at Edmug

We were lucky enough, with the help of MSDN Canada and DevTeach (thanks Wendy and Jean-Rene), to have Roy Osherove of in Edmonton to talk on Agile software development.  Roy was

Geek Dinner tonight

Roy Osherove just arrived in town for his Edmug presentation tomorrow (May 22nd).  We’re going to be out tonight at Ric’s Grill downtown (104th Street and 102nd Ave.) at 7:30 pm.  There will

DevTeach 2007 -- Famous quotes

Can you fetch that for me?  Eric Cote to Wendy (Hot Agilista) Large, succulient balls?  (Active Nick) I’ve got nuts in my throat. (Sean Solback) I have a question.  How is it that I

DevTeach 2007 -- Wrapup

DevTeach came to a close today.  For some it was probably earlier than for others.  For me, it is ending at 3am after an evening of amazing conversation, great laughs, good food and good dri

DevTeach 2007 -- What to Test, and When (Udi Dahan)

We’re paid to create business value (amen). Finding bugs does not create any business value. Fixing bugs creates the business value. Preventing bugs creates more business value. Brian Marick’s test ty

Montreal can suck

I had to walk over from my hotel to the conference hotel (about 5 blocks) like every other day.  I looked out the window this morning and saw that it was raining, but I wasn’t prepared for the wi

DevTeach 2007 Keynote

Jean-Rene has started and is announcing that DevTeach will be a twice yearly event.  The next show is in Vancouver Nov 26th to Nov 30th.  JR rocks.  Yesterday he said that he was worrie

DevTeach 2007.

Folks, if you aren’t going to DevTeach next week you really need to.  The content is fantastic, the venue is remarkable and the city is spectacular.  Top that off with good proximity to Rue

CruiseControl.Net Remoting Error

On Friday afternoon I noticed that our CC.Net server had stopped working.  I spent the entire afternoon looking into the cause of the problem to no avail.  Finally I resigned the idea that I