DevTeach 2007 -- Wrapup

DevTeach came to a close today.  For some it was probably earlier than for others.  For me, it is ending at 3am after an evening of amazing conversation, great laughs, good food and good drinks.  A fantastic way to end a spectacular conference.

We ended up at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Old Montreal tonight.  Eric Cote and I shared a couple of bottles of wine (by shared, I mean he had 2 or 3 glasses while I drank the rest).  The food was great although the service at Dave Woods table was less than amazing apparently.  Oh well, I got my booze so tough on them.

After a number of jibes and my coming clean with the Hot Agilistas (they do have names….Oksana and Wendy) about my posting of them we ended up walking back from Old Montreal to the Marriott’s lounge for a few more drinks. 

The night ended with a couple of hours of listening to Jean-Luc David and Matthew play piano while Carl Franklin (and guest, Roy Osherove) played the guitar.  It was good and comfortable which made the event very enjoyable.

My advice is that you make the time and the money to get yourself to DevTeach in Vancouver during the late fall.  The people are fantastic, the content was amazing and the venue was stunning.  You won’t get the intimate contact with speakers while you attend other big conferences.