archive: 2008/1

OracleParameter AssociativeArray bug in ODP.Net 11

Today I was writing some code that was wrapping up stored procedures for an Oracle database. In one situation we were needing to retrieve a result set based on a list of values that we had in memory.

Nothin But C# v3.5 Edmonton

It’s official. I will be offering the Nothin But C# v3.5 course in Edmonton during the week of March 31st to April 4th. If you’re familiar with JP‘s Nothin But series of courses, you’ll know what th

Victoria Code Camp '08

If you’ve got the time this weekend, and you’re in the area, drop by the Victoria Code Camp. There are some brilliant speakers at it this year and Tom, Dave and I are presenting in an attempt to ensu

Setting environment dependant properties in nAnt

This is a little something that I discovered recently while writing some nAnt scripts. I love to have One Script to Compile Them All so that I can ensure that the build server and all the developers

Controlling the unit test environment

My last post talked about abstracting the implementation of an IoC container so that you could implement more than one container if you had the need to. One of the coolest uses of this kind of abstra

Always wrap up your third parties

Today I was working through some code refactoring when I came across my implementation of the Castle Windsor container exposed off of the Global.asax file. I had put it there because I needed to get

Training -- Nothin' But .NET 3.5

As you’ve probably already read on JP’s blog, I’m going to be doing some training through him starting this year. The first course that I’ve been designing is a take on his Nothin’ But series and sty

ReSharper 3.1 gotcha with .NET 3.5

My current project is working in .NET 3.5 and, of course, I’ve pimped my IDE with some ReSharper goodness. I’ve noticed one thing that is making me itch for the day that ReSharper v4 comes out. If y

Was it a failure?

The last contract that I finished up was very trying on many fronts. One of the things that they sold me on during the hiring process was the fact that they were following Agile practices. On arriva