DevTeach 2007.

Folks, if you aren’t going to DevTeach next week you really need to.  The content is fantastic, the venue is remarkable and the city is spectacular.  Top that off with good proximity to Rue Crescent, anglo-pub-central so I’m told, and you have a sure fire guarantee of fun (and me getting drunk).

Unlike Jeffery Palermo, I’m not organized enough to setup a Party with Palermo inspired event.  Instead I’m just going to head out to Les Trois Brasseurs (the one on Rue Crescentdirection here) on Tuesday night at 730pm.  There is no swag to give away (unless some great sponsor reads this and contacts me with swag…..), there is no free food (unless you can get me drunk enough to buy), and there is no free drinks (see the food point).

Leave a comment here if you’re thinking of joining me so that I can try to get some reservations.