Roy Osherove at Edmug

We were lucky enough, with the help of MSDN Canada and DevTeach (thanks Wendy and Jean-Rene), to have Roy Osherove of ISerializable.com in Edmonton to talk on Agile software development.  Roy was kind enough to give up some more time away from his new family back home in Israel and travel out to Edmonton and Winnipeg to present to our User Group.  The event was fantastic.  We had our largest crowd since our inaugural meeting and there was a great buzz in the room. 

Like all his talks, Roy finished off with a song.  For us we got his Agile project rendition of Que Sera Sera.  If you want to find out what his songs are like, head over here to his first release on the web.  I have now listened to it Roy and it does sound fantastic for the hardware you claimed to be using.

Thanks again to all that helped sponsor this and to Roy for his time and passion.