Taking the Dive

I took the dive today.  No, not an Ilya Kovalchuk swan dive at
center ice when the backup goalie sneezes.  Instead I installed
Community Server 2.0.  Was it fun you ask? 
Well…….no.  Was it easy you ask?  Well……no. 
Here’s what happened.

  1. I backed up my 1.1 site and database through the UI my hosting
    company provides.  Everything is great, I’ve got copies on my home
    PC for rollback purposes. 
  2. I delete all folders relating to CS 1.1 from my site.
  3. I download the web install from www.communityserver.org so that I can get my grubby little mitts on the SQL upgrade scripts.
  4. I run the two click installation provided by my hosting company and all works well.
  5. I cut and paste the upgrade scripts into the web based Query
    Analyzer provided by the hosting company.  This is where things go
    to hell very fast.  First the web UI chokes because the script is
    to long.  So I cut it down into blocks.  I run the first
    block of script and the UI chokes because the script has the keyword GO
    in it.  Sigh……
  6. I run the scripts against a restored copy of my database locally
    on my machine.  That works fine so I back it up and FTP it to the
    website. When I try to restore the database to the SQL Server on my
    website I can’t because I’ve backed it up on my SQL Server 2005. 
  7. I use the IP address and credentials for the web site database
    server and I connect to the CS 1.1 database using SQL Server Management
    Studio.  The scripts take a while to run, but they finally run
  8. I move up the Skin I’m using and make a couple of quick tweaks.
  9. I reset the connection string to point at the right database.
    Okay.  So that all took about 7 hours, but it’s looking great
    right now.  I also took a second plunge and decided to put some
    Amazon ads on the page partly to show what books I’m currently reading
    and partly to see if I can generate a little revenue to fund some of my
    bad habits.